Grace Garden, Berlin, Germany

A secret garden above Berlin City

Above the bustling streets of Berlin, you'll discover Grace Garden at the top of Hotel Zoo Berlin. This rooftop bar and lounge serves as an oasis within the city's hustle and bustle, offering a harmonious blend of elegance, stunning views, and exquisite taste experiences.

Grace Garden has a stunning 270-degree panoramic view of Berlin's cityscape and is known as Berlin's most enchanting "Secret Garden". Grace Garden combines a summery, fragrant atmosphere with an aura of mystery. The furnishings feature Cane-line Ocean and Nest lounge furniture, which exudes a modern aesthetic that forms an elegant and inviting lounge area. This stylish setup provides the ideal haven to enjoy a drink and embrace the essence of Berlin.

Green bushes with flowers, dark green Cane-line Ocean chairs soft rope design, Cane-line Nest round chair and Nest lounge chair0
As the sun begins its descent, Grace Garden takes on a new dimension of enchantment. The rooftop's prime location provides the perfect seating to enjoy Berlin’s sunset. At this moment, Grace Garden transforms into a magical setting for an unforgettable evening.
Sunset atmosphere at Grace Garden, people dining, people enjoying the bar and sunset view from the roofttop
Cosy outdoor lighting with light chain at Grace Garden roofttop terrace
Evening vibes at Grace Garden bar and lounge terrace, people having a drink or glass of wine, cosy outdoor light chains